Sunday we got up and packed up, hooked up to the camper and went on a short hike with Katy and her family.

After the hike, we headed to Murfreesburo and visited Cannonsburgh and walked on the greenway a while. We had lunch at Sal Y Limon (Sally Lemon's as we call it, though it means Salt and Lime) and strolled around a while. I noticed a distinct LACK of families on the greenway, there were single men and obvious homeless men and one meth-head couple and a guy on a bike who passed us 4-5 times and a group of late teen boys who came through in a group and ignored everyone.

Matt was walking ahead of Jake and myself with Chan and Ben was trailing along. A homeless guy carrying a TON of stuff came walking right by them and so when he got level with Jake and me, I did the 'smile and nod' thing that you do when you pass someone and wish to be polite. He stopped. He said, "Can I ask you something?" I said sure. He asked if I went to church. I said no. He began to sob and said, "Pray for me". I said, "Okay..." then he grabbed me and sobbed on my shoulder while I at first tried to be...something, polite I guess. I talked to him and asked his name and he just wailed and wailed and kept saying pray for me and by then, I realized Matt had no clue this was going on and had in fact walked right out of sight. I started to struggle and he held on tighter. I could not get a full breath. I could see Jake and he was going back and forth from panic to looking up the path to see if Matt was coming back to thinking maybe he could take this guy.

He was a VERY strong black man, no taller than me, but STRONG. I started pushing against him and Jake was hopping around with huge eyes, about to cry himself. He just held tighter. By that point, my neck was aching from I imagine a pressed nerve? I kept saying, "Sir, sir, you need to let me go. Sir, LET ME GO." Jake was frantic and totally lost about what to do. I finally managed to turn enough to start to slip out of his grasp and with Jake there pulling his arms away, I backed out of his hold. We took off. It scared me to realize that had he wanted to force me to the ground, or drive a knife into me, I would have been totally unable to keep it from happening. I like to think I am aware enough to keep myself out of that kind of situation, but it was so fast and I was trying to not be rude to this man who was obviously in need. But, it freaked me out. Jake was livid-he was mad at himself for not knowing what to do, at me for letting the man grab me, at Matt for not coming back-that part got worse and worse as we went on down the trail and could see Matt well ahead and he never once looked back to see where we were. I guess we do that all of the time-spread out and walk. But the way Matt was Friday about how I was not feeling well and how he would not simply agree to go next weekend instead combined with his 'failure' to rescue me had Jake ready to split his skull. It was not a fun afternoon after that. Jake stayed about a foot away from me the whole rest of the day and got between me and anyone else on the path once we met up with Katy and her family at another park. He was mad mad mad at Matt, I was a little freaked out, Matt was mad about Jake being mad at him.

I KNOW it was nothing he could have imagined would happen, but he went around the corner and out of sight and never looked back-when I realized he was not going to help me out of the situation I had gotten into... I got mad at him myself. And I was being held by a total stranger and could not move. I could not get enough air to yell, he had my arms pinned to my sides in his grip, I was scared. I guess I need to come up with a plan for if something like that happens again. The whole weekend felt like Matt was not taking good care of me, like he could really care less how I felt or what might happen to me, it broke something with us and I am as unhappy as I have ever been in my life.

After the greenway, we went to Barfield-Crescent park and met up with Katy and hung out until nearly dark. We played and hiked and looked at snakes and meandered around. Ben ended up going home with Alex for the night and we came on back, getting in after 9 and leaving everything in the van, camper hooked up and all. I was sick off and on during the night, I think Mexican on an iffy stomach was a BAD idea. I got out there this morning and unhooked the camper and moved it around and got it and the van cleaned out and everything mostly put away, got the laundry going. There's just SO much work to camping, so many details and decisions and things to remember to go in a certain order and things you have to have. I did NOT want to deal with all of that feeling as bad as I have been, but it's over now.


I hope the poison oak fairy passes Alex by!

At Cannonsburgh/greenway:

There are some mixed reactions to the World's Largest Cedar Bucket!

We parked here and walked the half mile or so to Sally Lemon's for lunch, then after lunch we kept walking a ways on the greenway and Katy called while I was looking at a duck, so we were headed back to meet up with them when I was...hugged. It seems so weird how scary that was as if the fault lay with me/my perceptions. I reported him anyway, it was not the first 'strange encounter' on the greenway they have had.

At Barfield:

After a mile long stroll to the river, we encounter one snake after another.
It's a fitting triubute to 'flip a rock day' which was Sunday. The whole ide behind it is that you'll never know what you'll find!

Jake and I headed over to see the backcountry campsites.

Chan and Matt were right behind us, so Jake walked with her back. He's stil a little in the lead, that poor kid was on RED ALERT.

So Matt arranged the chairs and the kids stood behind them instead of sitting. Inde was not going to be in the picture, but Katy told her there was a hummingbird on her head, so she had to pop up and look!