This year, Shakespeare in the Park was Much Ado About Nothing, one of our favorites. It usually ends at Labor Day, so this year when they extended the show 2 weeks longer, we had plenty of time to plan a trip. We opted to go on Matt's Friday off and take Poppy to camp at Cedars of Lebanon, the state park just down from where we used to live. I sent out an invitation, but it was the same day as the first skate day and Oka Kapassa, so only Katy and her crew were willing to hit the road and miss the festivities at home.

Thursday, I had a slight stomach bug. I could not get warm, I felt exhausted. We went to the library and had a picnic lunch and met up with Heather for a bit that afternoon. On the way home, I realized it was more than just grumble-tummy and once we got in, I went straight to bed and my heating pad. By that night, I was hosting a headache as well and it went on and on and on and I threw up at some point in the night. I still had it when we got up, but Matt was determined to go. I knew if I tried to stay home, the kids would not go with him and it would just be an ugly stand-off. So, I got dressed and loaded up, crying the whole time while Matt studiously ignored me.

We got to the campsite and I unloaded and set up the camper and sorted out what needed to go back in the van and what could stay in the camper. I had another squall when I found Zeppie's camping shirt and blanket in the bag with the bedding. We headed to get lunch and then off to swim. I originally planned a hike for the afternoon, but that was out. The swim area was very nice and the kids swam a couple hours before they were ready to do something else. We stopped at the overlook on the way out and then drove back to Lebanon and went through the town square, saw the library, our old apartment and stopped at the park and had a picnic dinner and the kids played a while at the playground.

Back at the camper, the Bothwell's had arrived and set up just down from us. Katy had taken the girls and Owen to the drive-in, so we chatted with Kurt and Alex a while before heading to put tarps on Poppy before the rain set in.

Katy came by to say hello when she got in and we made plans for the next day.

At Defeated Creek Campground Beach:

At Tater Knob Overlook:
(Cordell Hull Lake)

At Don Fox Park: